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Life is all about being in relationships.  Still, after thousands of years, the wisest of us all are confounded by them.   And there is not a comprehensive enough set of rules to help guide us.  So, if you find yourself confused and exasperated by yours, you have plenty of company.  We often think it "should" be easier because we all seem to want the same thing.  That is someone to listen, understand our experience of life, to empathize,  and to accept us with all our fears and foibles.  

I have been a therapist for the last 33 plus years helping individuals, (kids, youth and adults), couples (the couple alone or as parents), and families work their way through the challenge of creating and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships.  I began in 1987 with the hope of making a profound difference in the world one person, couple, and family at a time.  I enjoy assisting others to find understanding, acceptance and peace in their chosen relationships.